Episode 6 – A video that covers the As-Built Verification Process for the 7 Star Homes Program with Sustainability Victoria.

It is important to install insulation and plaster correctly around building services. This ensures the building insulation and Air Barrier perform as they were designed to. Some key areas that are covered in this video are: Ducted heating return air tightness, subfloor air tightness in between ground and 1st floor of a double-story home. How do you maintain air-tightness and insulation integrity around services that penetrate plaster? (covers caulking plumbing and electrical services penetrations through plaster, joinery services, manholes and weather stripping, door and window. How do you insulate attic hatches? (rigid foam board and high-quality Air barrier tape)

Energy-efficient homes can provide homeowners with:

  • better quality homes that are naturally more comfortable in winter and summer.
  • A more healthy environment to live in.
  • significantly lower energy bills; and,
  • significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Homes can be tested to ensure it is built to meet the designed energy efficiency standard by using:

  • Blower door tests; this test uses fans to simulate wind blowing against the building’s exterior to identify air leakages in the building’s envelope.
  • Thermal imaging; this is used in conjunction with the blower door testing to locate missing or poorly installed insulation that may result in the movement of warm or cool air in and out of the building.

Independently testing and inspecting each home confirms compliance to the designed quality of energy efficiency inclusions.

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