A breeding ground for covid-19 in air tight homes?

Air leakage (Opposite of Airtightness) and ventilation, somehow seem to get confused as being the same thing! It is not! We need to stop adding additional non-compatible features to our building fabric, and focus on our walls and building fabric to do only what it is designed to do. Provide an air barrier and a thermal barrier for the occupancy of the home. There are some amazing assumed ideas of what we should expect a leaky home to provide, and in this video, we break down and explain, what the issues are of having a leaky home, and we break down, how you may contain someone infected with Covid-19 in a home. This video should not be considered as medical advice, and replicating some of the concepts within this video does not eliminate the risk of transmission. Article referenced. https://www.domain.com.au/news/how-ou… @domaincomau #airtightness #covid19

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