Episode 02

So what does it take to build more airtight on your next project? Well, if you’re just wanting to build to meet the National Construction Code (NCC 2019), it doesn’t take much, but there are a few big things you should pay attention to. When you want to build more airtight, you use the same techniques to build a “pretty good” house as you would to build a top performer. At this point, we’re just thinking in really simple terms: What’s inside? And what’s outside? You’d think it would be obvious, but sometimes it’s not. Use tools like the Red Pen Test. Simplicity is your best strategy for good results. And planning ahead will save you money! #buildingenvelope #redpentest #airtightness There are heaps of other resources available online, so check out see the links below:

ATTMA Air Tightness Testers around Australia: https://www.bcta.group/attma/members/air-tightness-testers/australia/

More information and videos about air sealing and ventilation at the AIVAA website:

Getting Energy Efficiency Right


Minimising Condensation in Buildings videos from the ABCB:


Master Builders Victoria Maintaining the Thermal Building Envelope videos:


Your Home: Australia’s Guide to Environmentally Sustainable Homes:


The National Energy Efficient Buildings Project’s Cross-Industry Skills Training Project: http://energymining.sa.gov.au/energy_and_technical_regulation/energy_efficiency/national_energy_efficiency_building_project/cross-industry_skills_training_project

Built Better: The low carbon living knowledge hub for a better built environment:


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