Bulkhead Air Conditioners look fabulous and they are usually in higher-end homes or apartments. They are usually recessed into a wall or false beam.
In the majority of cases, these systems are installed in a terribly leaky roof, the air conditioner is not connected to the building envelope. So, asthma and hey fever sufferers can have massive problems on certain days.
Airtightness is pivotal for building performance, and these air conditioning systems can contribute to significant air leakage in the conditioned environment of your building/home.


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  • Thanks for the helpful video.
    Just a couple of questions though.
    Why do you suggest an air barrier without insulation?
    What if the bulkhead that the AC was placed within was lined and sealed internally with plasterboard and had insulation batts to the top and sides? Would this perform in the same manner?

    thanks gain.

    • An Air Barrier should always be accompanied with a thermal barrier. When this sort of an issue exists in a home, it may be difficult to retrofit a thermal barrier and an air barrier.

      Yes, if this area was lined with insulation and a stopped up plaster air barrier, it would be magnificent. 😉