Episode 03

If you add insulation to your walls but you don’t pay attention to sealing them well, you’re asking for trouble. Make sure the walls don’t get wet from water leaks or air leaks! Building a better seal for airtightness and weather resistance doesn’t have to cost much. We’re talking about basics here: keep liquid water out by using basic flashing techniques and attention to detail. Then seal the air leaks! They carry moisture too. Make sure you provide good ventilation, then seal up every leak you can. Seal Tight and Ventilate Right. Keep out bugs, keep out smells, help control humidity, and save energy too. You’ll also build a more durable building!

ATTMA Air Tightness Testers around Australia: https://www.bcta.group/attma/members/air-tightness-testers/australia/

More information and videos about air sealing and ventilation at the AIVAA website:

Getting Energy Efficiency Right


Minimising Condensation in Buildings videos from the ABCB:


Master Builders Victoria Maintaining the Thermal Building Envelope videos:


Your Home: Australia’s Guide to Environmentally Sustainable Homes:


The National Energy Efficient Buildings Project’s Cross-Industry Skills Training Project: http://energymining.sa.gov.au/energy_and_technical_regulation/energy_efficiency/national_energy_efficiency_building_project/cross-industry_skills_training_project

Built Better: The low carbon living knowledge hub for a better built environment:


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