ecoEVO was created by Efficiency Matrix, to focus on good building construction practices, as opposed to focusing on spectacular designs or large McMansions.  Putting more emphasis on the building envelope means, healthier indoor air quality while also having a more consistent temperature and humidity throughout the building envelope for comfort.

It’s important that building performance is progressed throughout the world, and these episodes focus on this.

  • Building air quality
  • Energy efficiency
  • Building longevity

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  • Hello

    We live in a house built in 2002 and we would like to renovate with a Passivehaus retrofit. While we have many ideas and have some limited knowledge, we would benefit from a Passivehaus consult to help us come up with a plan and timeline for this project.

    We are happy to pay for this consult and would ideally like a detailed plan with options and estimated costs. We would also like to know if there are some steps we can take in the short term (as things in the house need to be replaced due to age, wear and tear) to start taking steps toward a Passivehaus now.

    Can you please advise:
    – whether you provide this kind of service
    – what information you would need from us
    – what costs are associated
    – what steps are involved
    – what we can expect as a final product following the consult

    We look forward to your reply.