APHI Point Lonsdale passive house home with style

APHI projects produce an amazing Passive House in Point Lonsdale, check it out, it is amazing.  In this home, using building wraps, and a timber facade, the airtightness achieved is quite amazing.  There is also a passive house doggie door, which allows the dog to come and go as it pleases a brick feature wall and an exotic fireplace.  …

ClareParry thumbnail

Old home to NET Zero Retrofit with Air tightness

Clare from Grün Consulting goes over an All Electric, Old net Zero home retrofit.  Enjoy! #grunconsulting #airtightness #allelectrichome Clare Parry from Grün Consulting, goes through her Net-Zero emissions home. Inspired by passive house, taking care of thermal bridging, air tightness and quality glazing, while going all-electric.  And its planning a huge Solar System to go with it.

New vs Old Building Air Tightness

Same Builder 12 years later, what has changed?

Same builder 12 years later, what has changed?  Air tightness – in this video we compare a newly constructed home with an older home, where energy efficiency was always at the top of the list.  Air tightness the missing piece of previous generation homes. Air tightness being recognised as a key component to manage building longevity, better air quality, …

Rammed Earth Air Tightness

Passive house inspired, All Electric combined with Rammed earth!

All Electric  ✓ Rammed Earth ✓ Passive House Principled Home  ✓  Cameron, goes over his Passive House inspired retrofitted home with absolute passion.  Covering airtightness, Rammed earth and effective ventilation strategies.  Come in with an empty glass and get it filled with absolute goodness, if you are looking to build from scratch or renovate an existing home.

Uncle JoJo Reno

Renovation with solar passive concepts.

Renovation building performance with Uncle Joe Joe Retrofit to improve building performance, sometimes its not obvious how well a building has been renovated, but in this video we go into some detail, and by jingo by crickey, Unclue JoJo did a good job here.

Garage Retrofit to comfortable living space

Retrofit of a Garage for Comfortable Office. Turning a messy garage into something useful.  During a pandemic, we all know how important it is to work from home, well in this video, we give you a reason to get out of the house, and into an environment that one could be quite productive in.

Breathtaking Prefab construction Passive House

This massive prefab construction passive house is an amazing build. This incredible prefab home was constructed by CARBONlite.  Attention to detail is what makes this home amazing and we highlight the key to detailing and separating the facade finish to the building envelope itself.  Carbonlite, make amazing prefabricated homes and can assemble a home fast, and a lot more cost-effectively …

Suburban Australian Home building performance

Stock suburban Australian Home An “OK” performing home in a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria. We talk about some of the areas these volume home built properties can perform poorly, and we cover in some detail what needs to be thought of to improve indoor air quality, comfort and energy consumption.  Ducted heating systems are included in these homes to improve …

Straw Bale Low Energy Passivhaus

A Low Energy Passive House home in Regional Victoria Insulation consistency and airtightness is of paramount importance.  Strawbale homes can be a great solution for building performance, especially when building to passive house principles.  This home is quite self-sufficient, with some amazing glazing and it has some pretty amazing picturesque views to go with it.  Enjoy the detail that John …