New vs old home air tightness

Same Builder 12 years later, what has changed?

Same builder 12 years later, what has changed?  Air tightness – in this video we compare a newly constructed home with an older home, where energy efficiency was always at the top of the list. 

EcoEVO design ep3

Suburban Australian Home building performance

Stock suburban Australian Home A decent performing home in Southern Australia suburbs of Melbourne. We talk about some of the areas these homes perform poorly. And what needs to be thought of to improve indoor air quality.

Straw Bale Low Energy Passivhaus

Low Energy Passive House home in Regional Victoria Insulation consistency and air tightness is of paramount importance.  Straw bale homes can be a great solution for building performance when building to passive house principles.

CLT Passive House Principle home.

Dale from APHI projects shows us around his amazing project in Gippsland. Australian homes can be super leaky, and very poorly insulated.  This one is very different.  Build quality is everything.